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The mirror

The mirror

Acrylic on canvas

59 x 43 cm

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Delivery time 2-4 weeks

Please contact us if you need your painting more urgently or on a specific date.

The delivery time is due to the individual, careful preparation of the painting, should a covering or framing be desired. Thank you for your patience!

Shape - How do you want to receive the painting?

Rolled - You receive the rolled up canvas (or other material) in a tube and take care of the stretching and framing of the painting yourself.

Stretched - We stretch the canvas onto a stretcher frame. As soon as you receive the painting, you can immediately hang it up. We add a surcharge of €30 for the materials, labour and higher shipping costs. This option is only available for canvas paintings.

Framed - On request, we can also take care of the framing for you. Please send an email to:
Together we will find the right frame for you and provide you with a customised quote.

“The mirror is where you can see you and you can see everything you do at the time. You can’t cheat on it. I painted this painting when I was on holiday and I was sitting at the beach and saw clouds which were reflected in the sea. It was a beautiful moment to me for just watching the clouds in the water and my mind started changing and thinking that For example someone can push me I can fall to the sky. But It was only thinking in my mind. And I started thinking this can be an easy way to jump on to the sky and I forgot that it was only a water reflection. This is how the life is. Someone can see the beautiful things and think that he/she can just pass through the mirror and take it or just double it. It’s not easy life, its like a mirror when you smile it smiles when you cry it can also help you keep on crying.”
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the artist


Ochu is a Tanzanian artist who specializes in realism. His talent was discovered at a young age, at just six years old in 2002. Since then, he has been painting people, animals, landscapes, and various structures, with the aim of reaching an international audience and introducing children to the world of art…

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