Asante Sanaa - Thanks to art!

Asante Sanaa is a social start-up that sells the paintings of East African artists in Europe and thus offers them an extraordinary stage.

At the same time, we have created a fashion brand around the art, which diversifies the income of the artists and contributes to sustainable fashion consumption.

We are art & fashion

  • Asante Sanaa is an art fashion brand. We show you the beauty of East African paintings.

    And in a very special way: we design motifs for various fashion items with the paintings of our artists.

    By combining the unique art with sustainable and fairly produced fashion, we make East African art and culture more tangible and accessible to all.

    This creates cultural understanding and gives the artists an international stage on which they can express themselves

Our Mission

  • Fighting injustice:
    give African artists the international attention they deserve

    more diversified sources of income for the artists

    Intercultural Exchange:
    Art as a bridge builder between Europe and Africa

Did you know?

Asante Sanaa is Kiswahili and can be translated as “thank you art”.

When written asante sana, on the other hand, means “thank you very much”.


  • >25,000 euro directly to our artists

  • >4,000,000l of water saved through organic cotton

  • 44 artists participating in our programs

asante sanaa.
Founded in 2020

This is how asante sanaa works

  • Take a look at the journey of East African art.

The Team

Behind Asante Sanaa is a team of volunteer students from all over Germany. Since our inception in September 2020, we have been working together on asante sanaa, sharing our passion for social entrepreneurship, East African art, and sustainable fashion

  • Jan

    Finance and Strategy

    Hi I am Jan and came up with the idea of starting asante sanaa. I lived in Tanzania for one year, visited a couple of times and speak swahili. The team calls me "the man for everything" and I am especially responsible for the finances.

  • Mirjam

    Product Management and HR

    Hey, I'm Mirjam - I've been the creative head at Asante Sanaa for three years now. Besides Product Management I am the person responsible for the good mood in the team :)

  • Jakob


    Hi, I'm Jakob and I've been with Asante Sanaa for two years. As marketing lead, I enrich the team with my expertise in marketing, video editing and photography.

  • Frida

    Artist Management

    Hi, I am Frida the youngest member of the team. I lived in Tanzania for six month and speak Swahili. I am the bridge between the artists in Tanzania and our team here.

    Fun Fact: Frida laughs about everything

  • Daniel


    Hi, Im Daniel, the newest addition to the team. I am responsible for the Website and study in Frankfurt.