Collection "ungana//connect"

The collection "ungana//connect" presents paintings of our first exhibition in Cologne in spring 2024.

Each product supports our artists and the realisation of the exhibition.

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The Enactus National Cup 2024 will take place in Cologne on 13 and 14 June. Two days on which Enactees from all over Germany will come together again to present their projects and the impact they have achieved with them. And what should not be missing? Right, the NC Shirt 2024!

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  • Asante Sanaa - All about Tanzanian Art

    We love Tanzanian art! Currently we represent around 40 artists in Germany and Europe. Discover their paintings or dress up with our art-fashion-prints.

  • Artist Support with every Step

    Tanzanian art deserves more appreciation! We are building a platform that provides more attention to Tanzanian artists and has a positive financial impact as well.

  • Get to Know the Tanzanian Culture

    Tanzanian art - a great chance to learn more about the local culture and people. Impressions beyond negative news headlines and stereotypical images.

  • Our Fair and Sustainable Fashion

    We compliment our styles with high-quality and sustainable textiles. All our products are made from organic cotton and are produced under fair conditions.

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Hey, nice to meet you!

We are an organisation consisting of approx. 40 Tanzanian artists and a young, energetic German team which loves Tanzanian art and is eager to show it here in Europe.

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Art is a gift. Art as a gift.