Discover our Exhibition "ungana//connect"

The exhibition that truly connects you with contemporary Tanzanian art.

When? 14.01. - 25.02.2024
Where? Michael Horbach Stiftung
Wormser Str. 23, Südstadt, Cologne


Collection "ungana//connect"

The collection "ungana//connect" presents paintings of our first exhibition in Cologne in spring 2024.

Each product supports our artists and the realisation of the exhibition.

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  • Asante Sanaa - All about Tanzanian Art

    We love Tanzanian art! Currently we represent around 40 artists in Germany and Europe. Discover their paintings or dress up with our art-fashion-prints.

  • Artist Support with every Step

    Tanzanian art deserves more appreciation! We are building a platform that provides more attention to Tanzanian artists and has a positive financial impact as well.

  • Get to Know the Tanzanian Culture

    Tanzanian art - a great chance to learn more about the local culture and people. Impressions beyond negative news headlines and stereotypical images.

  • Our Fair and Sustainable Fashion

    We compliment our styles with high-quality and sustainable textiles. All our products are made from organic cotton and are produced under fair conditions.

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Hey, nice to meet you!

We are an organisation consisting of approx. 40 Tanzanian artists and a young, energetic German team which loves Tanzanian art and is eager to show it here in Europe.

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Art is a gift. Art as a gift.