Hi, I am Ochu!

Ochu is a Tanzanian artist who specializes in realism. His talent was discovered at a young age, at just six years old in 2002. Since then, he has been painting people, animals, landscapes, and various structures, with the aim of reaching an international audience and introducing children to the world of art.

As a realistic artist, Ochu's paintings and drawings capture the essence of his subjects with great detail and precision. His goal is to take his talent to a higher level and expand his reach internationally by teaching and mentoring aspiring artists, especially those looking to pursue art as a profession. In 2012, he officially began his journey as a painter.

Currently based in Mwenge, at the wood craft market in Dar es Salaam, Ochu aspires to teach art in schools and become an internationally recognized artist. He dreams of exhibiting his work and participating in workshops on an international scale.

In his free time, Ochu enjoys playing football, strumming his guitar, and singing. However, art is not just a hobby for him; it is his full-time passion and profession. He dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his craft, constantly seeking to improve and explore new styles and mediums.

Ochu's artistic journey has provided him with a wealth of experiences, allowing him to paint in different styles and adapt to various situations. Whether it's creating murals or working on canvas, he is versatile in his approach and skilled in different mediums.

Above all, Ochu's love for art shines through in every stroke of his brush. He is deeply passionate about his craft and holds a special place in his heart for Tanzania. With his talent, dedication, and aspirations, he aims to become one of the greatest artists on the continent, leaving a lasting impact on the art world.

Paintings by Ochu

Fashion designs by Ochu