Pride and recognition: Asante Sanaa artists at the Venice Biennale

Pride and recognition: Asante Sanaa artists at the Venice Biennale

Dear art lovers,

We have exciting news: Two of our talented artists from the Asante Sanaa community, Haji Chilonga and Happy Robert, are participating in the prestigious Venice Biennale and co-creating the first Tanzanian pavilion! This unique opportunity fills us with pride and joy as it underlines the growing recognition of the Tanzanian art scene on the international stage.

Haji Chilonga is an emerging artist who captures the rich cultural diversity of Tanzania in his work. His paintings are inspired by the nature, people and traditions of his home country. The fact that he is now able to exhibit at the Biennale is a milestone for him and we would like to congratulate him warmly. We are looking forward to the impressions he will leave behind and how his art will touch the visitors.

Happy Robert is a versatile artist who is primarily dedicated to painting. Her works are characterized by vibrant colors, abstract forms and a deep emotional connection. We would also like to congratulate her on such an opportunity to present her work. We are convinced that her works will captivate visitors.

The two artists were selected by curator Enrico Bittoto to participate in the creation of the Tanzanian pavilion. The theme is the "Other" and explores the relationship between man and nature from the perspective of a chimerical figure that stands between the human and the divine. Haji Chilonga and Happy Robert were able to stand out from a field of ten talented artists and are now able to present their work to the world - an honor that recognizes their hard work and creativity.

In addition to our artists, we are also looking forward to seeing the work of Lute Mwakisopile in the Tanzanian pavilion at the Biennale. This unique gathering of creative minds promises to be inspiring and unforgettable.


For more insights into the exhibition, visit the Tanzanian pavilion's Instagram account:

Haji Chilonga and his work at Asante Sanaa:

Happy Robert and her work at Asante Sanaa:

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