Hi, I am Haji Chilonga!

Haji Chilonga is a talented visual artist based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While he is skilled in both sculpting and painting, it is painting that truly ignites his passion and inspiration. His artworks primarily depict scenes from real and everyday life, which he draws from his experiences and travels.

Using acrylics on canvases, Haji creates his artworks, occasionally incorporating mixed media depending on what drives him creatively. His paintings delve into the realities and challenges faced by society in their day-to-day lives, allowing him to express his ideas and observations on canvas. Haji's love for traveling plays a significant role in his artistic process, as it provides him with opportunities to learn and gather inspiration from different places and cultures.

Outside of his art, Haji enjoys engaging in activities that support his wife's business during his free time. His goals extend beyond his own artistic pursuits, as he aims to assist and uplift emerging artists in reaching their own aspirations. He holds a deep love for his country, Tanzania, recognizing its abundance of natural resources as a gift from God.

Haji's artistic journey was not a coincidence, as he comes from a family with a rich artistic background on both sides. This upbringing instilled a love for art within him, and he finds great joy in creating and expressing himself through his artwork. With over 30 years of experience in the art industry, Haji's experiences have elevated his craft, allowing him to experiment and exchange ideas with fellow artists. He values uninterrupted creative processes, as they enable him to fully immerse himself in his concepts.

One of the biggest challenges Haji faces in Tanzania is the lack of interest from the local population in art. However, he remains hopeful and determined to become one of the most appreciated artists in his country. Looking towards the future, Haji aspires to own his own gallery, providing a space to showcase his artwork and contribute to the art community in Tanzania.

Paintings by Haji Chilonga

Fashion designs by Haji Chilonga