Hi, I am Pinky Mishra!

Pinky Mishra is a Tanzanian artist who truly embodies the essence of creativity and expression. With a deep passion for art, she skillfully brings life forms to the canvas in various contemporary and cultural contexts.

As a teacher by profession, Pinky finds solace and fulfillment in being an artist at heart. Through her artwork, she expresses the beats of her heart, intertwining music and eternal love. Words alone cannot capture the depth of love that Pinky portrays in her paintings, as she delves into the realms of emotion and spirituality.

Tanzania has played a significant role in shaping Pinky's artistic journey, revealing her true self to herself. She holds a deep appreciation for the country, its people, and the endless blessings bestowed upon it by God. Being in Tanzania makes her feel blessed, and it serves as a constant source of inspiration for her artistic endeavors.

Pinky's artistic journey began at a very young age, as early as three years old. Art became her hobby, and she started incorporating it into every aspect of her life. As she grew older, she honed her skills using professional art and craft techniques to create various forms of artwork. Her creations adorned her home and were often gifted to institutions, individuals, and students in need.

Having participated in numerous national and international art competitions, Pinky's talent has been recognized on a global scale. Alongside her teaching career, she has had the privilege of sharing her knowledge and skills with students from diverse backgrounds across Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania) and India. From working with children as young as three years old to adults as old as 72 years old, Pinky finds joy in witnessing the shine and smiles that art brings to their faces.

Craftwork and sculptures have also been integral parts of Pinky's professional journey. She firmly believes that art is limitless, just like human imagination and creativity. For Pinky, engaging in any form of art is a pathway to finding one's inner aura and happiness, and she encourages others to embrace the joy that art can bring to their lives.

Pinky Mishra's artistic journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for art and her commitment to sharing her skills with others. Through her vibrant and expressive creations, she invites viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and find solace in the beauty of artistic expression.

Paintings by Pinky Mishra

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