Hi, I am Peter Bulugu!

Peter Bulugu is a remarkable Tanzanian artist who has made a significant career transition from being a medical doctor to pursuing his passion for art. As a self-taught painter, he has honed his skills over the years and is now a full-time artist.

Despite his shift in career, Bulugu still maintains a connection to the medical field through his work with hospitals. He collaborates with healthcare institutions to create mural paintings in children's wards, bringing joy and color to these spaces. Additionally, he runs a growing art company that specializes in providing paintings for hospitals, aiming to promote the integration of art in medical settings.

Bulugu's ultimate goal is to see art well incorporated into healthcare environments. With his medical background and artistic expertise, he understands the positive impact that art can have on patients' well-being and recovery. By combining his two passions, he strives to create an atmosphere of healing and inspiration within hospitals.

As an artist, Bulugu cherishes the freedom that comes with expressing himself creatively. Although there are challenges along the way, he finds great satisfaction when people appreciate his work, particularly when he donates paintings or creates mural pieces for hospitals. He recognizes the importance of art in society and believes that it should be valued more by the general public.

Unfortunately, Bulugu acknowledges that there is still a long way to go in terms of raising awareness and appreciation for art in Tanzania. This lack of recognition often leads to financial imbalances among artists. Despite these obstacles, he remains dedicated to his profession and continues to advocate for the significance of art in all aspects of life.

Peter Bulugu's journey as an artist showcases his determination and commitment to both his artistic vision and his desire to make a positive impact on society. Through his artwork and collaborations with hospitals, he is bridging the gap between medicine and art, demonstrating the transformative power that creativity can have on individuals' lives.

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