Hi, I am Millan Wyre!

Beyond her personal artistic pursuits, Millan is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others. As a full-time art teacher, she not only teaches in her studio but also provides private art classes. Her goal is to improve both her own abilities and those of her students, instilling in them the value and importance of art.

Millan's dream is to establish a creative school of art and design that is recognized by the Tanzanian education board. This school would provide opportunities for young artists to study abroad and experience new possibilities as art students. By nurturing and supporting these aspiring artists, Millan aims to contribute to the growth and development of the Tanzanian art community.

As a full-time working artist, Millan not only creates and sells her own artwork but also undertakes mural projects for various businesses. Her artistic skills extend beyond traditional canvas paintings, allowing her to bring her creativity to different spaces and environments.

Millan's journey as an artist began with the encouragement of her mother. From a young age, her talent was recognized, and she learned the foundations of art from her. Continuing to learn and grow, Millan studies art history and the styles of artists who came before her, constantly expanding her knowledge and artistic repertoire.

One of Millan's most rewarding experiences was when she landed a job as an art teacher at Feza International School. Not only did she have the opportunity to teach her students, but she also introduced school art exhibitions. These exhibitions showcased a wide range of artworks from different categories, including installations made from recycled materials. It was a fulfilling experience for Millan, as she witnessed the creativity and talent of her students come to life.

Millan Wyre's dedication to her craft, her passion for teaching, and her dream of establishing a recognized art and design school make her a valuable asset to the Tanzanian art community. Her ability to create captivating artworks and her commitment to nurturing young artists will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the local art scene.

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