Hi, I am Mickidad Raymond Said!

Mickidad Raymond Said is a young artist currently based in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania, whose art has been the main source of income for himself and his family. He learned to paint through his brothers and his extensive experience on the streets of Tanzania. Mickidad is not only a talented artist but also a performer who loves to express himself through his art.

He has been involved in art for his entire life and considers it his passion. Art is not just a hobby for him; it is his livelihood and the means to support his family. Mickidad expresses his gratitude to Asante Sanaa, an organization that has been incredibly helpful and amazing to him and the majority of Tanzanian artists. He looks forward to achieving more success in his artistic journey and believes that together, they can make a difference.

Mickidad's artistic style is versatile, as he can paint in various styles. However, he specializes in realistic painting, particularly in creating iconic and powerful portraits. His portraits capture the essence and emotions of his subjects, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

With his talent and determination, Mickidad Raymond Said is poised to achieve great success in the art world. He hopes to continue painting and expanding his artistic horizons. Support from others will play a crucial role in helping him reach his goals and make a positive impact through his art.

Paintings by Mickidad Raymond Said

Fashion designs by Mickidad Raymond Said