Hi, I am Michael Kantu!

Michael Kantu is an artist with a deep passion for art and a strong desire to share his knowledge and love for the subject with his students. Hailing from Uganda, he currently works as an art teacher in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Although Michael always had a love for drawing and painting, he found it challenging to make a living solely as an artist. As a result, he pursued a career in teaching to supplement his earnings. However, his passion for art never waned, and he continued to create and explore different mediums.

One of Michael's favorite subjects to draw is the human figure. He finds great joy and inspiration in capturing the intricacies and beauty of the human form. His preferred medium is oil color, as it allows him to achieve rich and vibrant tones. However, he is also skilled in working with watercolor, pencils, and acrylic paint, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Michael believes that art chose him, rather than him choosing art. He discovered his natural talent for drawing and painting and felt compelled to nurture and develop it further. With the grace of God, he honed his skills and embraced his artistic journey.

In addition to his role as an art teacher, Michael continues to create his own artwork. His watercolor paintings are particularly remarkable, showcasing his ability to capture the delicate nuances of light and color. His works are a testament to his dedication and talent as an artist.

Michael Kantu's passion for art and his commitment to sharing his knowledge with others make him a valuable asset to the art community in Dar es Salaam. His ability to create stunning watercolor paintings and his versatility in working with different mediums highlight his artistic prowess. As he continues to inspire and nurture young artists, Michael's own artwork will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on both local and international audiences.

Paintings by Michael Kantu

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