Hi, I am James Ashabu Choga!

James Ashabu Choga is a versatile visual artist who works with various mediums, but primarily focuses on charcoal, pastels, and graphite pencils. Through his art, he aims to inspire and touch the innermost beings of others. He believes that art has the power to heal the soul and the mind, and he draws with the intention of inspiring and bringing solace to those who view his artwork.

In his free time, James enjoys reading books and spending time with his friends. As an artist, his ultimate goal is to have a spacious studio where he can not only create his own art but also support and mentor upcoming artists. He has a deep love for his country, Tanzania, appreciating the prevailing peace and the sense of socialization among its people.

James's artistic journey began in his childhood, with his parents providing him with materials for drawing and encouraging his passion for art. However, throughout his career, he has realized that relying solely on art can be challenging. Therefore, he acknowledges the importance of having other side hustles to finance his artistic endeavors. Despite the challenges, James finds joy in creating art, as it allows him to bring happiness to others who have the opportunity to experience his art pieces.

His dream is to own a large studio where he can inspire and support young talented artists, helping them to achieve their dreams. James's dedication to his craft and his desire to make a positive impact through his art are evident in his work, as he continues to create meaningful and inspiring pieces that resonate with viewers.

Paintings by James Ashabu Choga

Fashion designs by James Ashabu Choga