Hi, I am Esther Ndilo!

Allow us to introduce you to Esther Nelson, known in the art world as Ndilo. Esther is a multifaceted artist who explores various forms of artistic expression. When she's not creating art, you'll often find her immersed in the world of movies, where she finds inspiration and relaxation.

Esther's ambitions are as vast as her artistic repertoire. Her primary goal is to become a celebrated artist not only in Tanzania but also on the international stage. She envisions herself participating in exhibitions both within her homeland and beyond its borders, contributing her unique perspective to the global art community.

In her neighborhood and family, Esther stands as a singular beacon of artistic talent. As the only artist on her street and within her family, she carries the proud distinction of being a young female artist in Tanzania. Her journey into the world of art began at an incredibly young age, with a passion for painting that ignited even during her kindergarten years.

Having dedicated six years of her life to the art form, Esther's commitment shines through her work. She has not only honed her skills but also actively participated in three workshops, where she undoubtedly expanded her artistic horizons and refined her craft.

However, like many artists worldwide, Esther faced a significant challenge with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent decline in tourism had a notable impact on artists in Tanzania, including Esther. Despite these obstacles, her determination remains unwavering, a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft.

Esther's dreams extend beyond the canvas. She aspires to have her very own gallery, a space where her art can flourish and inspire others. She envisions herself participating in international exhibitions, where her unique voice can resonate across borders. Moreover, her ambition extends to selling her art in the international market, sharing her creations with a global audience.

Esther Ndilo is a young artist with boundless potential, poised to make her mark not only in Tanzania but also on the world stage. Her passion, dedication, and dreams reflect the universal power of art to transcend boundaries and connect with people from all walks of life. As she continues to paint her path to success, the world eagerly awaits the vibrant stories her art will tell.

Fashion designs by Esther Ndilo

Paintings by Esther Ndilo

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