Hi, I am Emmanuel Peter Amos!

Emmanuel Peter Amos, a Tanzanian artist based in Bagamoyo, has a deep passion for abstract art, Tinga Tinga, and Maasai paintings. He constantly strives to refine his technique using brushes and spatulas. Originally starting with crafts and fine art in Mwanza, Emmanuel transitioned to creative arts such as abstract, Tinga Tinga, and Maasai paintings when he moved to Bagamoyo. He utilizes brushes and knife tools to create his artwork. Despite the uncertainty of the passing days in Bagamoyo, Emmanuel is always dedicated to improving his art.

During his leisure time, Emmanuel cherishes the opportunity to reunite with his family, engage in social activities, explore different places, and continue learning. He finds great appreciation for the natural environment in Tanzania. Painting has been a passion for Emmanuel since a young age, and he has always aspired to become a great painter. His artistic level is remarkable, and his creativity shines through his work.

Paintings by Emmanuel Peter Amos

Fashion designs by Emmanuel Peter Amos