Hi, I am Allen Enock Abeid!

Allen Enock Abeid is a Tanzanian artist who finds immense joy and fulfillment in sharing his art with people around the world. His artwork holds a special place in his heart, as it has been a source of strength and solace during challenging times in his life. Allen's passion for painting is unwavering, and it serves as a constant driving force for him.

One of Allen's favorite subjects to paint is the wildlife of Tanzania, particularly herds of elephants depicted in striking black silhouettes. These majestic creatures hold a special significance for him, and he captures their beauty and grace with great skill and admiration.

Asante Sanaa has had the privilege of bringing Allen Enock Abeid to Germany for various events, making him the first Tanzanian artist to be showcased through their platform. This opportunity fills Allen with pride and gratitude, knowing that his art is being appreciated and admired in different parts of the world.

Through his artwork, Allen not only showcases the natural wonders of Tanzania but also shares a piece of his own journey and experiences. His paintings serve as a bridge between cultures, inviting viewers to connect with the rich wildlife and vibrant spirit of Tanzania.

Allen Enock Abeid's talent and dedication to his craft are evident in every brushstroke. His art not only brings joy and inspiration to those who encounter it but also serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and its ability to transcend boundaries.

Paintings by Allen Enock Abeid

Fashion designs by Allen Enock Abeid

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