The Asante Sanaa - Documentary: A journey of art and bonding

The Asante Sanaa - Documentary: A journey of art and bonding

Today we have exciting news! Our recent trip to Tanzania was an absolute highlight for us. After three years of intensive online collaboration with the talented artists from Tanzania, we finally got to meet them in person. And the best part? We captured it all on camera!

But let's take a step back and look at the long road to this moment. It all started with a vision, born out of the hardship of the Corona pandemic: Asante Sanaa, which means “Thank you art” or “Thanks to art” in Kiswahili. We not only wanted to present works of art, but also to create a platform on which the artists could make their works known internationally. Crowdfunding was our first step in order to be able to help the artists financially as quickly as possible, but also to test how our concept would be received. We quickly learned how many enthusiastic art lovers were interested in the Tanzanian art scene.

Over the years, we have gotten to know the artists, heard their stories and felt their passion for art. The online collaboration was inspiring, but something was missing - personal contact. And so we headed to Tanzania in 2023. The anticipation was huge, but so was the excitement and the question of how this encounter would change our company.

Our camera accompanied us on this unique journey, and the result is more than just an ordinary travel documentary. It is a look behind the scenes of Asante Sanaa, a journey to the roots of our mission. We want to bring you closer to Tanzania's art scene - the vibrant colors, the creative techniques, and most importantly, the people who make it happen.

Stay tuned - the documentary is now available on our YouTube channel! We are looking forward to your reactions and hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are.

With artistic regards, The Asante Sanaa team 🌟🎨🌍


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